Elephant Hair Bracelet For Men

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ELEPHANT HAIR BRACELET - யானை முடி கை காப்பு

        Elephant hair jewellery! It is believed that elephant hair brings good luck as well as strength and holds a wide variety of meanings and associations.  The elephant hair jewelry is made for us to wear as a symbol of protection, wisdom, and spirit.  Our artisans at Abiraame Jewellers have crafted this elephant hair-gold combo resulting in magnificent kappu jewellery and adding it to a breathtaking collection.

            This piece of 22kt gold kappu jewelry features two elephant heads placed at the open ends of the kada facing each other embedding elephant hair on either side.  Kada design is truly symbolic of strength and power.  It surely can add to your personality and overall appearance if paired properly. This elegant piece of jewelry perfectly matches formal attire on special occasions or is good for casual wearing too.   This men’s cuff bracelet is the perfect gift for your better half and the design enables it to be embraced even more.  Visit us online and make this designed-to-charm bracelet yours at Abiraame Jewellers!

         Be it a traditional. authentic. heavy bangle forming heirloom pieces or fanciful bangles that flaunt your bling. thats your requirement - there you have landed in the right place to find the supreme designs and must-have jewelry for every woman. Whether it is for adding to your wedding trousseau or addition to your statement bangles collection or to showcase your wrist beautiful and charming. all your needs is met at Abiraame Jewellers. Singapore. So. why wait. go find the right set of bangles that suit you ideally and order online!

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