Gold White Stone Bangle Designs

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MADHURA STONE BANGLE - மதுரா கல் வளையல்


Madhura means ‘Sweet, Pleasant’


            Illuminate your attire with this sparkling beauty! Designed to make any occasion unique in its own way, this gold bangle Singapore lends unparalleled elegance to any ensemble. Yes of-course, these white stone bangles are the best bet to sport a classic look. 


            See how brilliantly it was designed in a row of white stones and are connected through the beautiful gold vines to each other. Wow! Amazingly beautiful bangles carved with love for the woman that you are. This style is perfect for weddings, celebrations and special occasions and the charm of this design will never go out of style. So, why do you wait? Order online @ best affordable prices from Abiraame Jewellers. 

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