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NABHITHA BANGLE – நமிதா வளையல்

Nabhitha means ‘fearless’

Kangan usually holds a sentimental value for most families and is usually passed over from generation to generation.  This is a treasured piece of art with floral motif designs and is a statement piece in a unique shape unlike the usual screw bangles.  When you look for a groom’s gift for his to be wife with a gold set, this screw bangle will be a best choice.  Your gold kangan design finalizing for the big day is no more a hassle.

Your confusion after looking at a million different styles ends here.  When you wear this latest gold kangan design with a western clothing, it makes you look modern.  It also looks like a bracelet or kada rather than gold bangle as such so there is less accessory change required when you change your dressing from traditional to western attire.  It can be treasured forever and ever and used as your heirloom piece as the finishing is perfect from Abiraame Jewellers. 


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