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ARNA RED CORAL BANGLES - ஆர்ணா பவள வளையல்

Arna means ‘mountain of strength’

The vedic astrology says gemstones play a vital role in our life.  Especially red coral also known as praval or moonga ruled by Mars / Mangal signifies energy, vitality and ambition.  Wearing red coral jewellery will provides you with necessary courage and enthusiasm to surmount all obstacles. 

Coral Jewellery set also known as pagadalu set in Telugu and pavazham in Tamil ensures victory of an individual setting aside his lethargic attitude.  If you wish to overcome fear and nervousness and boost your self-esteem keeping yourself away from any kind of mental depression, then wearing pagadalu jewellery or coral stone is a must.

Red coral gemstone prices are determined based on its clarity and these bangles are made with original, premium, round-shaped pavalam.  When water touches the red coral jewellery and flows over your skin it gives amazing health benefits like curing your acne & boils, purifies your blood and makes you more compassionate.

            People suffering from Manglik Dosha can wear pavalam stones gold jewellery and stay away from troubles in marital life.  It increases longevity in marriages giving mangalya balam.  Anyone who is in professions such as doctors, teachers, scientists, realty business and defence can reap huge benefits from wearing pavazham stones.  Order gold online from your Abiraame Jewellers, Singapore to buy the best, pure red coral stones & reap the benefits of wearing coral!

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