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ZAIN BANGLES - ஸெயின் வளையல்

Zain means ‘beauty, grace’

            Bangles - “the lustrous tokens of radiant lives”.  Bangles are the sign of shringar, good fortune and prosperity.  Every woman loves to wear bangles to enhance their feminine grace and beauty and is directly connected to happiness.  If you are looking for a single broad gold bangle, this beautifully crafted criss-cross floral pattern will be the perfect choice for you.  Scrolling lacy 22KT gold work combined with floral motifs in an open landscape highlights your wrist with stunning opulence. Add this trendy gold bangle design to your gold jewellery collection or gift it to your loved ones on festivities or special occasions.  This slip on bangle fits most any wrist and allows you to style it with ethnic or semi-formal attire.  Browse for gold bangle collection online at Abiraame jewellers, Singapore.

            Be it a traditional, authentic, heavy bangle forming heirloom pieces or fanciful bangles that flaunt your bling is your requirement - then you have landed in the right place to find the supreme designs and must-have jewelry for every woman. Whether it is for adding to your wedding trousseau or addition to your statement bangles collection or to showcase your wrist beautiful and charming, all your needs is met at Abiraame Jewellers. Singapore. So, why wait?  Go find the right set of bangles that suit you ideally and order online!



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