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Tradition Meets Trends!  Ethnic Jewellery Pairs Up With Your Western Outfit To Style Up In Today's Fashion World!

Tradition and Trend go hand in hand!  Yeah! It is the fusion you can make it fashion now by picking your ornaments rightly from Abiraame Jewellers.

Gemstones And Their Properties Which Help You Choose The Best

"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.  We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift." - Albert Einstein

 Read further to know why and how we use and choose gemstones

A Simple Chart For Gemstones With Their Respective Months!

Do you know a jewelry that forms a part of your life and takes the space more than your life partner?  Yeah you are right.  It is the gemstone which is connected with your birth date.  Don’t you have the sparkle in your eyes when you see the birthstone to which you belong to either while reading a newspaper in the astrology section or while visiting a jewellery shop on their display of gemstones?

Will Ganesh Chaturthi Ever Rule the World?  Know the anatomy of this festival!

The most celebrated festival of the world by almost all caste people without any restrictions is Ganesh Chaturthi.  Yes, this is an unknown fact to many of them.  That is why we put forward the question “Will Ganesh Chaturthi ever rule the world?”  to you.  Just for you to further know the anatomy of this festival read further...

Celebrate Krishna Janmashtami this year knowing why and how to do it!

Did you know that this year 2022 is the 5,429th birthday of Lord Krishna according to Drik Panchang celebrated as Krishna Janmashtami 2022?  Getting to know things is always interesting and especially when it is related to our tradition it is needless to explain the amount of joy we experience.  

Tips To Take Amazing Jewellery Selfie's And Post On Snapchat, Instagram, Vero Social, Flickr, Pinterest & Tumblr!

Self-photography in recent days coined more contemporarily as “Selfie” needs a lot of patience, effort & dedication to be a hit.  You will have to concentrate on the costume, accessories, poses, lighting and all other photography concerns to create fun moments that matters.  Smash all the angles for you and your jewellery with our special photography ideas on your ornamented self or while taking a jewellery selfie.  

Heart-warming jewellery storage tips that makes you feel awesome and dress up amazingly!

Keeping accessories organized and safe is not an Obsessive Cleaning Disorder problem.  It’s just the care you give for the amount spent on those expensive jewelry pieces.  Are you seeking a solution to store your jewelry without tangles?  Are you fed up of searching or digging for chains, earrings, rings and bracelet when you are getting ready to go out?

Simple Guidelines To Pick Your Office Wear Jewelry Online!

An amazing experience to get back to work after this too long work from home dramas during this chain breaker situation, right?  Lovely feeling to be with colleagues @ physical office talking to each other and working itself becomes fun.  Willing to have more joy then read further here.....

Mystery of what's inside excites somebody so gifting is the best means to surprise them!

Giving and receiving gifts is always a fun & unforgettable moment!  To cherish these moments there are lots of efforts which goes in from thinking about what to gift and choosing the best one, buying it, packing it and giving it to the person on any special occasion as a surprise. 

Special Tips To Style Up Gemstone Jewellery With Office, Casual, Daily & Party Wear

The colour and radiance of gemstone jewellery when finding a way into a girl’s accessories is a true show of elegance that amps up her looks.  The best part of buying gemstone jewellery is that you don’t need to stick to one colour – yellow gold, you can add up with any combo of nine gems that makes you sparkle like a princess or queen.