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Welcome to the culture bank where you explore the unique beauty elements of brides - JEWELLERY!

“A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people” – Mahatma Gandhi! 

Whereas in India, the brides are defined as per Indian culture which differs from region to region and religion to religion.  Some of the important culture bank elements are here for you to explore if you are an Indian staying out of country.

Elegant Jewels That Sing Musical Carnatic Ragas To You!

“Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without!” – Confucius

The verdict of musical ragas evoking every human’s emotional response has been scientifically confirmed now.  All human emotions from tensed, calm, happy, sad, anxious, frustration, love, anger, courage, fear, wonder, peace…. Are all covered in the art of music within shruti, raga and tala.  

A glimpse into the gold pendant designs that make you fiesta ready!

Have a feast to attend? Worried about how to present yourself?  Stick around because we know how crucial it is to get the right impression you need!  Have a glimpse into the gold pendant designs that make you fiesta ready here!

The best investment to make this festive season during Christmas - Gold Jewellery!

Festivals are the true joy of life!  They not only bring out your range of emotions but also the luck and success you need for your life to flourish with happiness.  What else do you think festivities are meant for?

Thinking of buying your bridal jewelry but don’t know where and what to look for?

Abiraame Jewellers brings to you a collection of trending wedding jewellery styles to start with and we are known to have crafted jewels for more than 5000 weddings in our two generations of gold jewellery making and selling.

Wondering what are the various colors of gold jewellery available? - Yellow, White, Rose, Green, Black, Blue, Purple and Grey!

.  If you are ever wondering what are the various colors of gold jewellery available?  Here goes the answer – yellow, white, rose, green, black, blue, purple and even grey is there to fascinate you. 

Experiment fashionable and trendy jewellery for the upcoming festive season from AJS!

The word ‘festival’ has originated from the Latin word ‘festa’ which means ‘a religious holiday’.  The adjective connected with festival is ‘festivalis’ which came from French and it actually refers to ‘something relating to a religious feast’. 

Wear Your Attitude And Not Just Gold Pendants – An Everyday Jewellery!

Welcome to the Gold Jewellery world of fascinating, mind-boggling, eloquent, lovely creations of truly mesmerizing gold pendants from Abiraame Jewellers!

5 Nature-driven Gold Jewellery Collections!

“Look Deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better” – Albert Einstein! 

            Ready to dive into our nature inspired jewellery collections?  Nature’s beauty is wild, frantic, majestic & royal which infuses peace in our souls!  Stay with nature to delve deep into your inner peace!  When you are a nature lover, you wouldn’t want to miss our wonderful quintet collections - Floral Fantastics, Butterfly Beauties, Bird beautifications, Marine marvels and Peacock passionate!

Everlasting Jewel Designs For Your True Love!

Love is in the air, I hope you have a dilemma as to what to gift your better half for any special day you celebrate together be it Valentine’s Day, Anniversary Day or any of your Birthday’s? ain’t it? We at Abiraame Jewellers, Singapore are all for it to guide you to choose the best Everlasting jewel designs for your true love.