Aadhini means ‘the beginning, a woman who begins the best of things in life’

            Pick your layered necklaces like a pro by checking out the best designs of layered necklaces from Abiraame Jewellers.  A daring and stylish woman’s choice of gold layered necklace would be to pick a multi layered necklace with different lucky charms.  When you are choosing something for a night-out party or beach outfit then a 3 layer necklace which touches the inner neck design of your dress would be perfect.

            Whenever you prefer a chic sleek look, layered chain necklace without any pendants or charms will look just fabulous and a most appropriate selection for those minimalist jewellery lovers.  A 2 layer ball necklace design will be versatile and adaptable to many styles of dresses including a V-neck top and is apt to wear for office meetings and other conferences to give a confident and authoritative appearance.  Then, why don’t you order this double layer ball chain necklace design and be proud for having selected the best double layer necklace ever compared with your peers. 

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