Aadvay means ‘unique’

            Add the right power to your hands by following certain ring etiquette instructions of stylish men when you pick men’s rings!  There may be thousands of rings carved for men but this jaguar ring gold has a special value amidst the youth crowd.  Maybe it’s because jaguar represents power, ferocity and valor.  Some young men believe gold ring jaguar symbolize the power to face their own fears and overcome them or confront their foes with confidence.

Do you know that the ancient Egyptians believed that there was a vein running from your left ring finger to the heart and that keeps your heart doing its job rightly.  Yep, that is the reason men wear their wedding rings in the left hand.  But this jaguar ring can be worn on your right hand too if you are unmarried.  Abiraame jewellers is the best online shopping space for all requirements in jewellery purchase.

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