Aashika means ‘lovable, a person without sorrows, sweet heart’

A long gold haram is certainly the most significant jewelry believed from our past centuries that creates magic to one's personality just like a queen. It gives a million-dollar touch to a bridal look and so choosing the right bridal necklace is very important. Nowadays, brides are moving away from the traditional gold choker necklace to long south Indian gold harams and also with a simple gold chain or their regular thali chain that is a custom. 

A haram necklace stands out brilliantly with its glory and glittery touch when adorned around the neck and worn with a bridal saree or lehenga. Marriage gold haram is loved by every South Indian woman who loves to dazzle in a resplendent necklace, the lure of this amla design simple gold haram designs for the brides can beat the charm of an intricately woven gold beauty. Our heavy craftsmanship and jewel-studded appearance lend a look of flamboyance to the bride, signifying her special day with her special jewelry.  Find out many other creatively designed Calcutta gold necklaces from a trusted jewelry shop in Singapore. Browse through and order our jewelry with pride.

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