Aathishri means ‘goddess Lakshmi’

Picking the right ring is a tough call and when it comes to gold rings it gets even tougher when you are going to customize using gemstones that suit your birth sign and date. There are not many gold shops or sites online that can deal in customized gold rings, you of course don’t want to waste your hard-earned money on something which is not worth it and is outdated right. so, to help you out we @Abiraame Jewellers, a Singapore-based gold shop offers you this gold ring in many varieties and at affordable price with free gemstone consultation. If you want to adorn yourself with a beautiful ring on your special day or plan to gift your loved one their respective gemstone by customizing it in your way then you should certainly make a choice after looking at the 9 stone ring - Navarathna ring crafted by our artisans.  This is a suitable gift option too.

Our navratna ring collection is an art itself and is greatly influenced by the traditional culture of Indian design. Give this adorable diamond pearl navrantna ring a try and you will definitely end up finding your dream Jewellery on your fingers which bring all the positive energy from the planets right through your fingers into your lifes. Check out our whimsical designs now and pick the one you resonate with.

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