Abarajitha means ‘roar, a creative woman’

Peacock gold earrings are just the absolute earrings for all occasions and daily wear. Since fashion has been expanding through the past few years. Earlier fashion meant classic dress, dark lipsticks, and heavy makeup, but today’s fashion of gold Jewellery simply defines women being comfortable in one’s skin or being unpretentious yet stylish.

A mirror is usually called the best friend of women,  well it is not just the mirror but also earrings that make an integral part of a woman's life. Add grace to your style with these stone stud peacock earrings creatively designed by @Abiraame Jewellers. These gold peacock earrings are not only stylish but are uniquely designed as well to make the wearer look super stunning. Fill your cart now and enjoy the hassle-free delivery .Buy now and get value for your money from a trusted Jewellery store in Singapore.  HAPPY SHOPPING!

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