Adhiyaman means ‘the king of the sun, solar king’

            Have you ever wondered what earrings symbolize?  Ages together women have been wearing this accessory as a symbol of womanliness and femininity plus a sign of recognition.  Your earlobe is associated with financial stability and status.  If you can accessorize it rightly with your fabulous choice, it not only adds to beauty but also contributes to reflect tenderness, simplicity and spiritual perfection.

            These black big stone earrings on your earlobes make you look pretty, fashionable and trendy, adding more and more charm to your appearance.  If you have a short hair style this black earring would best suit your attire.  For those women with broad earlobes, stone jewellery is always recommended, especially black earrings for the formal office suit with a white collared shirt is the latest trend.  Order online @ Abiraame Jewellers to be the best in your dressing. 

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