Ajanta means ‘eternal fame, everlasting fame, name of a famous buddhist cave, very popular’

            A gold earrings design that never goes out of style - hoop earrings / jhumka earrings!  Every woman would own a pair of gold hoop earrings for sure to accessorize herself in a normal fashion.  The same small hoop earrings would sometimes become more stylish and dazzling complimenting her fabulous look.  Wear gold hoops with a neutral colour dress, may be in black or white or deep blue or emerald green.  Best goes with a jeans and tank top or a collared shirt!

            Even though gold hoop earrings with pretty jhumki is preferred to be worn on formal occasions, you can opt to wear it for special days when you meet your favourite friends or even family parties.  Pair up with some graceful gold bangles, beady gold bracelets and elegant gold ring designs to have an attention-drawing look. 

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