Akai means ‘to rise, flower or flourish”

            A best fit for the businessman - gold dollar sign abacus pendant!  An abacus locket is recognised as a symbol of wealth and brings prosperity to your life and profits in your business.  Money sign pendant is believed to give the right kind of positive vibes whenever required.  Be proud of having selected the best gold pendant design ever!

Adding up mild personalisation to the pendant design is a usual thing, but this kind of 916 gold abacus pendant with a dollar sign is a mixture of two different unique pendant designs that bring more and more success and fortune in your lives as it is closely associated with money and wealth.  If you own a career in financial services like banking, entrepreneurship, corporate finance leader, merchant , or any other closely related field, then abacus pendant is believed to heighten your knowledge and multiply your monetary rewards.  Buy online and wear it from the comfort of your home @ the best Indian jewellery online Singapore - Abiraame Jewellers.

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