Akanakai means ‘good hearted person’

            The rarest of gemstone rings collection crafted in an elegant form to lift your spirits high and surround your life with the best of joy brought from all the nine planets can be found in Abiraame Jewellers.  This is a 100% natural yellow sapphire ring known as pukhraj stone in astrology and is worn to bless you with divine grace and power from the almighty in every endeavor of your life.

            Sapphire rings come in many shapes and sizes like oval, round, square & heart.  Heart rings are mainly worn when you require more intimacy in your relationships, especially marital relations.  Representing Jupiter, this yellow sapphire gold ring design in a heart shape also brings professional success, financial status rise, health rejuvenation, marital bliss and happiness in your life forever.  Thus, you have all together making your life most enjoyable.  Buy online @ AJS with free gemstone consultation after finding out which gemstone ring suits your birth date best.

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