Alagammai means ‘beautiful’

            A gold pendant in apple shape!  Wow “a golden apple a day can keep the doctor away” - in terms of happiness in your heart for owning naturistic jewellery designs.  Why don’t you try out by doing online shopping?  It will make you look trendy, spunky and super stylish when you weather unique pendant designs.  Pick your chain pendants in a perfect combination of elegance and beauty.  Redefine your style and glamour in a new way with these gold pendants that rock your neckline.

            You can also make your favourite fruit into a gold pendant form by placing orders here @ Abiraame Jewellers.  We are experts in making customized jewellery and you can make your fine jewellery - simple necklaces to suit your daily dressing preferences and look more bossy and beautiful in your office and at home.  Order online the unique pendant designs available with us. 

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