Alphonso means ‘ a mango variety, ready for battle (in Italian, Spanish & Old German)

            Like how the new normal has changed our lives upside down, gold jewellery fashion has also reached enormous heights in 2021 in spite of the existing situation.  Nowadays, the regular jewels in a usual design be it gold necklaces, earrings, bangles or bracelets are sought by very few people whereas even the mildest twist in a jewellery necklace grabs the attention of customers.  This is what we have seen at Abiraame Jewellers. 

            This mango necklace also falls under the same category as fewer additions made to the usual mango mala or haram designs.  Shorter in length this choker necklace has 4 layers of motif chain design with the last layer being mango design.  It just looks like an antique piece of mango choker necklace with a contemporary touch because of this layered necklace appearance.  Far more beautiful than an initial necklace, evil eye necklace or a naturalistic butterfly necklace design that we usually wear, right?  Order online from us and get special discounts and offers.  For more information ping us @ +65 91669909 in WhatsApp.

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