Ambika means ‘goddess of the moon or warrior goddess’

            A gentle addition to your divine collection of jewellery is this gold Lakshmi kasu earrings.  When you pick to wear a traditional outfit, it is needless to say that gold coin earrings and gold coin necklaces are the best choice.  Sometimes the latest jewellery designs and unique statement pieces get boring but we might seek simple additions to our traditional collections and one such item is this Lakshmi coin earrings which you can buy online from the best gold shop in Singapore - Abiraame Jewellers. 

            Also when the word marriages are uttered the synonymous two words that arise are silk clothes and gold jewellery.  These gold jewellery has the must to become even heirloom jewels that will be passed onto the next generation.  This gold coin earrings with goddess Lakshmi on it is a best option for this kind of jewellery options chosen for marriages.  It can also be combined with jimikkis to become more rich and beautiful when worn.

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