Amy means ‘beloved’

            The jewel that sings lullaby to your kids near their ears - pretty baby jhumka earrings from Abiraame Jewellers!  Get your favourite model of customized jewellery crafted from the best artisans of Singapore.  If you need ear piercing for kids with just a gunshot and a painless experience for those little angels, you can contact us.  Ensure that you use premium quality earrings like 22k yellow gold because baby ears are too sensitive and baby studs or jhumkas should be made with precious metals.  While you use mini baby earrings jimikki type for kids under the age of 3, they need strict supervision by adults while wearing it.  Please take care of the same.

            The way your princess shakes her ears and chatters, you’re sure to lose your senses and just start listening to everything she says.  To get lost in all the long chats and feel the sense of being a true parent, give this latest mini baby earrings jimikki as a gift on their special days to your little ones. 

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