Arav means ‘peaceful, smart, beautiful, lord Shiva, sound of the morning saga we hear’

            An exclusive and exceptional creation of gold bangles design from the artisans! You can call it a bracelet cum bangle too. Whether it is sentimental jewellery or characteral jewellery or iconic jewellery can be your imagination and inspiration!  But this latest gold bangles design just showcases your charm and beauty on all perfect occasions.  A woman with a modern perspective and thought will never miss such a wonderful gold bangle model!  Women are no less but equal to men at all times from history till today.  But why then leave ahead a few jewellery choices - this can be called the best kada for women, right la?

            Few gold balls are sprinkled with glittering gold and few are carved with hexagon shape and few small balls with slanting lines accompanied by a star charm at the chain that joins both ends - making this gold bangle look like a bracelet as well as a bangle.  You can call it the best kangan design for the modern woman.  Pick out your favourite latest gold bangles design from the best gold jewellery in Singapore - Abiraame Jewellers.  Check out our gold bangle design catalogue for more wonderful designs!

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