Arthi means ‘generous, kind and beautiful’

            An organic gemstone formed from minerals is red corals.  This red coral ring has a stunning, perfect triangle shape and is most preferred among coral gemstone rings than circle, oval or square shaped stones.  It’s also known as moonga, munga, praval, lakshmi munga, tikona munga or trikona moonga. 

Do you wish to know why triangle is the most preferred shape for corals?  It signifies goddess Lakshmi’s blessings is completely showered upon the wearer.  He/she would be more profitable in business or their own profession.  It is also believed that the shape of Mars amidst the navagrahas is triangular and that is the reason why this munga ring brings more power than other corals.  Wear this ring with its apex pointing towards your body to get rid of all malefic effects of the planet.  If you wish to know more about corals do visit our blog and read further

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