Aryaki means ‘respected or honored’

A skintight neck fitting clasp accessory in gold that is aligned with the latest style is this choker from AJS.  Those women who like to wear broader designs of gold jewellery will like to own this piece.  When you wear off-shoulder necklines or U-neck dresses these kinds of choker necklaces suit you better than the normal chains, charms, opera, lariat, matinee, lavaliere, negligee or riviere. 

            Pair this delicate and feminine gold choker necklace with your shimmery outfits and add more complement to your elegance.  Smoothly graduating in size you have various designs like leaf, mango, circles and flower engraved in gold on the right side of the choker.  When there are other choker types like pearl, gemstones, silver, diamond and other metals, this one falls under the category of latest choker designs that you can buy and enjoy. 

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