Atharva means ‘the god who fights against obstacles or the name of the first vedas’

            No confusion and no sceptic thoughts about the receiver’s likes and dislikes!  Hereafter picking the right kind of gift item that suits your dear ones is an easy job provided they are a pious person.  Just give them this ganesh ji locket as a gift to see the broad smile on their faces.  The elephant headed lord though known with different names like vinayakar, vinayaka, yaanai muganae, ganpati, ganesh, ganesha, ganpati ji, ganesh ji or ganapathi, he is the first of all gods who is favourite and beloved for many people irrespective of religion, community, caste, creed or race. 

No one can refuse or disapprove this sacred gift from you.  When you have to build better relationships or rebuild and heal your connections then such a start is more advisable. Personate your love and respect encased in a gold ganapathi locket from the best gold shop in Singapore - AJS.     Don’t miss out on our special collection of ganpati locket or ganesh pendant which you can attach to silver or gold chain

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