Athira means ‘jasmine’

When you might be impeccably dressed up for a party with a glamorous one-piece outfit, your final look is incomplete with an empty neck, isn’t it true?? Yes, a flower when bloomed infatuated people's attention and when it is carved in yellow and white gold which makes you look way prettier than ever. Don’t miss out on this stunning piece of jewellery.


When in doubt, where to shop from?

You are at the right place to buy the bloomed rose-shaped gold pendant that goes with your outfit, this immaculately crafted floral jewelry exclusively designed at Abiraame Jewellers showcases true natural beauty depicted in jewels.  This amazing piece of the rose pendant will be a perfect Valentine's day gift to your sweet love. Curated to buy the trend like a fashion diva, visit our website and shop online to adorn your outfit beautifully. I know you have gone through many stores and online options and have come up with the most popular ones that will genuinely offer you at an affordable price- Abiraame Jewellers happens to be one of the gold shops in Singapore that provide the right quality with great latest designs. This is where you need to be wise and choose the best for yourself.

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