Do you know that the maha vilvam leaf made using gold has the ability to multiply the mantra you say to Lord Shiva a thousand fold?  Yeah!  There are situations when you cannot get vilva leaves (also known as bilva patra leaf) for pooja purposes due to climatic conditions.  At those times you can make use of this gold bilva patra leaf. 


Gold Vilvam Leaf Uses:

            When alphabets and sounds formulates into thoughts it creates our destiny.  All we have to do is think rightly!  But supporting that we have to get the blessings of our favourite deity too for our thoughts to come into reality. 

You can chant mantras to do this at ease.  The power of few mantras multiplies with vilvam leaf and apart from that the other uses of bel patra leaves are:

     Can be used to offer to Shiva temple

     As a permanent offering for the spadiga lingam at your homes, if you keep it and pray by doing pooja daily

     Kept in navarathri golu for lingam decoration

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