Bhavya means ‘grand, splendid’

            Make a sweet juicy fruit style statement by wearing this gold apple stud!  Pick “an apple a day to keep the doctor away” but an abacus apple earrings on this day to show your classy and modish sign of wishing for perfect health and prosperity in life.  This latest designer stud earrings are truly a timeless piece that all your future generations would also cherish to wear calling it an heirloom.

            Stud earrings in gold, though small in their size compared to other danglings or jimikkis, upon wearing, cover up your earlobes and make you look damn smart.  For those who have an extra love of math or if you are a business woman striving to attain success in your new endeavors this abacus earrings will surely bring success & heighten your monetary gains.

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