Caroline means ‘free man’

            Wearing a long necklace is truly majestic and creates a magnificent aura for a woman, isn’t it?  Gold haram designs are considered to be typical jewellery pieces without which a wedding is incomplete.  When you have to adorn your neck with a glorious jewel, then you can never miss gold haram models available at Abiraame Jewellers.  Visit our store to have a look at the gold haram designs catalogue and pick the one which suits you best.

            Stylish long necklaces add a fluid movement to your figure and it's easy to carry yourself in grand occasions.  But you have to know how to make these long chain necklace designs work the magic to make you look chic-like.  Choose a layered style to be the show stealer.  When you pick the ethnic / traditional style or wish to have a retro look, then you can go with long chains & pendants like this haram which is cheap and best.

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