Chaandri means ‘moonlight or soothing, goddess who shines like a moon’

            If you wish to create a relationship by designs of your 22kt gold jewels and if you belong to this millennial then you have to pick gold jewellery from Abiraame Jewellers, Singapore.  Apart from buying jewellery to be an investment, symbol of wealth, luxury or prestige or a beauty enhancer, if you think to buy it as an accessory or ornament that amps up your beauty and enables better self-expression, then this light weight gold harams will satisfy your needs for sure.

            So beautifully carved and with a perfect finishing that you can never see in other jewellers this haram model will rob your hearts.  The motif chain with a circle dollar and red enamel carved simple flowers in both the chain and dollar just adds up to the look of the gold haram design more and more, isn’t it?  Order online and get it delivered at your doorstep in the lowest possible shipping cost in Singapore.

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