Chandran means ‘shining moon’

An abacus ring empowers security and makes one feel loved. Gifting or buying a gold ring for men is not something you buy like clothes and shoes. There is a lot of sensation and emotions that go into it. GOLD the word brings prestigious imagination in our minds!  Having an abacus ring is considered to be one of the most precious pieces of jewelry, not only because of its importance and demand but the majestic powers it holds.

Gold is the king of jewellery; its pureness and uniqueness lie in every design and every cut, which gives you a precious meaning of your personality. Gift this amazing dollar symbol gold ring to your fiance or your husband on your wedding anniversary to boost up their confidence every single day. At Abiraame Jewellers you will get to see an assortment of gold Jewellery pieces from gold rings to bracelets for both men and women that are appealing to the eyes and instantly refine your look. Shop from our exclusive range and grab the best deals now.

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