Charukesi means ‘raga in carnatic music, a person with a sense of prudence’

            A luxurious jewel with a wish-fulfilling desirous fruit and a favourite addendum to bridal jewellery collection in South India is mango mala / haram / necklace.  You would have seen or used mango mala with lakshmi pendant, peacock pendant, uncut diamond pendant, dangling pearl pendant or ruby & emerald pendant.  But this one is a unique design fancy mango necklace with a floral pendant and dangling gold beads that sings a special raga in your ears when you wear it to parties, weddings or other celebrations.

            Giving you a majestic feel and a royal look, this is an ultimate neckpiece you can put on your big dream day.  Add an edge and be the most gorgeous women of the day with the best designs of chokers, harams, necklaces, bangles, rings, earrings, anklets or chains that you choose.

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