Dhwani means ‘melody/music, sound, voice’


      Do you wish to SET OFF your outfit?  Then, it’s high time you just pick the right pendant to enhance your style!  Mix up your wardrobe with bird’s collection to the fascinating shapes to peculiar designs and make it upgraded so that it forms a part of your life in dressing up rather than putting many efforts on the mornings. 

            You must also know that every single religion or culture adopts peacock as a symbol of their varied belief systems.  It may differ from their notion like purity, immortality, resurrection, renewal, compassion, kindness or integrity.  But at many moments all of these are collectively in need.  Why don’t you keep it handy before even the need arises?  The protective spirit next to your chest!  Order online from the best 916 Indian gold shop in Singapore – Abiraame Jewellers!

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