Dilsher means ‘lion-hearted, one who is brave and determined’

            Bangles when worn by men are called a kada.  Nowadays, even young girls prefer wearing a women's gold kada to show their divine nature.  Punjabis wear kada to show their relationship with the supreme power and also to show they are courteous and courageous.  The latest trending jewellery among men is Punjabi kada gold.  They wear it to secure harmony in lives and also to open the crown chakra.  Men normally wear kada on their right hand whereas women wear it on their left.

            It is a mandatory requirement that men wear kada in the Northern parts of India.  Wearing kada brings divine peace in your life and also gives an affluent amount of joy showing that you are close to divinity in every endeavor of yours.  When you fight against negativity or wrong and wish to stay close to god this is one way you can choose - wearing the right kind of jewel like a gold kada.  Enjoy online shopping from Abiraame Jewellers!

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