Geetham means ‘ the one who follows lord Krishna’

The glory of gold comes to life in these bangles for anyone seeking jewelry for their little ones on special occasions. So make your call and get a crafted piece for a newborn baby  that is going to help them stand strong and protective with an ally named culture.  Imagine your little naughty baby wearing this cute collection of 22k gold bangles and banging on their toys and bed while they play and sleep. Admirable, isn’t it?

Are bangles safe for infants?

It is obvious that babies have a habit of putting things in their mouths which can cause harm, so this remake to all the caring mothers out there @Abiraame Jewellers assures you all the pendants,bangles or gold bracelets here are securely clasped and no worries until your angels or princes are allergic to gold. And here you can have a wide collection to choose from all your needs from the design to the size . This stylish baby gold bangle is one that promises new beginnings, one that provides protection and all the love and care.

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