Glinda means ‘fair or good’

            When you know someone who is going to start their new life and trying to let go of all old cycles, then you can gift them this Glinda Butterfly Bracelet.  It’s because butterflies always signify new beginnings and this gift is sure to be cherished for life time!

            It truly implies giving the message as “Be Never Afraid to Fly”!  Caterpillars are of no help and you got to develop and move on by accepting changes in our life at every stage.  From childhood to teen, then to be an adult and old-aged too!  In all these stages it helps you to get transformed. 

            It is the best pick to gift when you have to acknowledge the blossoming of a girl into a woman!  She is a free spirit to be herself and you can explain it with this wonderful gift without even speaking a word

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