Gnaneshwari means ‘intelligent, goddess Lakshmi’

She is bright like a star and graceful like gold. For you, these beautifully crafted unique gold mango mala design earrings are decorated to indulge your metaphor. Go and flaunt your vision with no hesitation. Shine bright just like the gold plated in this set mango jhumkas that can glam up any outfit. Gold earrings are the finishing touch that can make any outfit feel more polished and make you feel more adorable. To find pieces that look royal, elegant, and classy now you know that @Abiraame Jewellers balance quality and cost delivering affordable jewelry that looks many times the price. We are proud to say that AJS is the biggest jewelry store for customized and trendy gold jewelry in Singapore. We have a vast collection of pure gold jewelry and a good lot of them are one of a kind. So by buying jewelry from us you will be sure that no other woman is going to have the same exact piece of jewelry which is only made just for you most of the time!

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