A pretty, lovely simple prayer or worship item that decorates your pooja room and blesses you with all the well wishes of goddess Saraswati.  She is the giver of all knowledge that is needed to live life smoothly.  Keeping a symbol of her in the pooja room becomes a way to pay due respect to her.  It helps in good education for your children and prosperity in your business.  Signifying the goddess of knowledge, art,  music, wisdom and learning, you can choose to gift this veena to your favourite, ever best person and make him/her feel proud for what he/she is or even order online and place it in your pooja room! 

Do you know that Benzaiten, the Japanese Buddhist goddess originated from the Hindu goddess Saraswati and she was the personification of wisdom in the Tokugawa period?   Now, don't miss this chance to gift a sign of wisdom to your special person. 

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