Hanya means ‘grace, god is gracious’

When there are endless possibilities to gift your loved ones, this is another sensible option to present a silver pooja plate.  Silver is always considered to be auspicious when used for festivals and other religious occasions especially silver pooja thali set.  But normally we have seen copper and silver as pooja items in every spiritual home.  This pure silver plate for pooja helps you to keep fruits, coconut and other items required for pooja. 

Best used when taken as archanai thambalam to temples.  It's a prominent item in all households and if you feel you need to own one, now is the right time to purchase it from Abiraame Jewellers.  You can find all details if you login including price breakup and weight.  This plate weighs approximately 203 grams and only taxes applicable but no making charges.  Enjoy your piece placing orders online and experience safe and quick delivery.  Buy all pooja and spiritual items in silver online here!

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