Harshita means ‘happiness, full of joy, cheerful’

            Spanning into the legacy of 5000 years of history in Indian culture and heritage, gold jewellery has its own aesthetics that exists for ages together.  The history of jewellery states that gold harams came into existence ever since marriages started happening.  Any wedding is incomplete without gold haram designs be it for the bride or bridesmaid or the guests / visitors of the wedding, all would wear a long haram for sure. 

            Get ready to look like a royal queen with this new model of gold haram designs from Abiraame Jewellers.  Watch out on our catalogue for the stunning collection of marriage gold haram designs in 40 grams not holding tight on your pockets.  When those latest designs are boring and you want to make a combination of traditional and contemporary to make a new design you are always welcome to customize your jewellery choice @ Abiraame Jewellers, Singapore.

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