Hiranmayi means ‘the golden one, another name of maa Lakshmi’

            Can you think of a memorable occasion other than revealing your grandeur and beauty by wearing the best gold design jewellery and flaunting around amids your friends?  No, right/  Truly your jewellery symbolizes allure and very rememberable sentiments.  So, always pick the latest designs of gold jewellery which best reflects your gleaming personality and gives royal looks.  If you think of jewellery as an investment, then these traditional designs with a modern addition to it will be the right choice for both accumulation of asset purposes and to bring prosperity and auspiciousness in your life. 

            This Lakshmi latest coin necklace design with the small elephant embedded pendant and the leaf engraved motif coin chain design with beautiful carvings of Maa Lakshmi, is suitable for a bride on her special day and also it can be worn to all wedding ceremonies that she attends in future.  Normally we prefer to wear quite big gold jewellery collections when we attend a near and dear ones wedding right?  So, buy online from Abiraame Jewellers and flaunt with this beautiful kasulaperu designs.

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