Induja means ‘stable, calm and a trustworthy person.  Narmada river’

Are you looking for a unique pendant in gold to ward off all negativity in your life?  Go for this specially crafted evil eye locket for your safety made with 22kt pure gold! In this hustle-bustle life, people have many problems to face and need some positivity in life to grow both wealthier and healthier.  Those who believe in this can order this beautiful and very effective evil eye gold pendant along with a chain to make it a part of your daily attire too.

Wear it everyday everywhere which glares spiritual positive energy in you. This has many benefits: wearing an evil eye ornament can protect you from bad happenings and give you more strength to achieve what you dream for. As you walk towards most difficulties in your life and face them bravely, breathing your surroundings and celebrating your win - ornaments purchased from us will always walk with you hand-in-hand. Make memories everlasting with AJS, explore our new range of spiritual pendant collections, and order now.

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