Kalai means ‘art’

            Switch to your cheerful side with this beautiful and divine necklace.  When you wear a collared shirt or a round neck salwar or a pretty saree with a sleeveless blouse to a party or function, this fancy gold necklace with a splendid ball pendant and beads will look awesome.  Give some care in picking the right necklace design suiting your dresses perfectly so that it enhances your style.  Pick your way of fancy necklace designs in gold from Abiraame Jewellers, the best Indian Jewelry in Singapore.

            There may be thousands of choker and fancy necklace designs but this ball necklace has a special significance of bringing more abundance, wealth and happiness in your life.  You want to know why?  It’s because gold spheres, the three-dimensional geometrical objects symbolically represent the sense of oneness, wholeness, completeness and cyclical positive energy around us.  Just like how the earth is round, this ball necklace will encompass all positive source of energy, facilitate clear communication and helps in better movement of energy.

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