Kalaipaavai means ‘a woman who loves art or goddess of art elements’

Stunning in its simplicity, this piece of gold chain locket new designs highlights the magical confluence of pure gold as a simplicity.  It defines a reflection of harmony in diversity when you match it with any of your favorite attire. The textures and charming patterns are sure to set you apart from the crowd. Wear it on your kurta or ethnic saree and you are sure to make a statement wherever you go. The crystal style compliments most face shapes and looks beautiful with your neck up and down. You don’t want to wear a heavy Kundan piece to work! In that light, you need something light, sleek, and simple to get-go your party look which will make you look just the right amount of fashionable. Thus, having a small collection of pendants for your everyday look is essential. Embraced in the aura of Indian heritage and royalty of pure gold, this beautiful set is sure to uplift your traditional couture from AJS.

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