Kalanjiyam means ‘repository of wisdom, wealth’

Gloriously handcrafted and featuring intricate detailing, this fancy circle earring adds a contemporary touch to your attire. Indian royalty is proven timeless beauty by decorating this exceptionally trendy gold earring. Modern contemporary jewellery has a broad range of possibilities. The gold jewellery by @Abiraame Jewellers are crafted with precision and give a refreshed version to classic young women.  This circle jimikki has a different charm which is very appealing and stunning to look at! Gold earrings are a very important part of ancient history. The royal design of this gold earring by Abiraame Jewellers is inspired by unique style for these modern times where women loves to wear something new and trendy

Wear a silk saree with this art piece to make yourself look beyond. Visit our store in singapore and have an exquisite jewellery shopping experience or just browse our website  from the comforts of your home!

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