Kanthi means ‘beauty, desire, splendour, ornament, another name for goddess Lakshmi, lovely, appealing, attractive’

            Are you bored with lakshmi coin necklaces, harams, earrings or pendants?  There is a new model gold coin bracelet which has goddess lakshmi engraved in it with a motif chain joining the coin charm bracelet in its sides.  It’s a lovely and awesome idea isn’t it?  You can even pair up coin jewellery together like one Lakshmi earring, Lakshmi coin necklace, Lakshmi coin haram and a Lakshmi bracelet to be worn for a wedding.  That traditional look comes automatically along with your sari!

            Add glitter to your life with an enchanting range of gold jewellery collections from Abiraame Jewellers.  Every time wearing bangles may not interest you and that is when you choose to wear a gold bracelet.  Let it be this gold sovereign bracelet!  Buy online and enjoy having made the right investment.

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