Kavini means ‘beautiful’

            “Black and white is always a beautiful sight!”  These black beads with the white pearls attached in motif fashion looks just great for an austere selection of a modest person.  Black beads are considered to be sacred and used for mangalsutra in many traditions.  But this beaded necklace is used to decorate the neckline of the girl who likes beaded jewellery with some gold added on to it.

            It’s a single line of black beads necklace with pearls in its pendant part which brings to you the calming effect along with the etiquette that you desire.  Black beads chains are always considered to be the universal favourite of many women.  The cluster of tiny beads together making one beautiful beaded jewelry which is relatively chunky, comes in different fashions like a single or layered beaded necklace.  You can pick from our collection of black beads necklace, mangalsutra and other step or layered chains and gold necklaces.  Visit Abiraame Jewellers for the best kind of jewels ever!

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