Lathangi means ‘a creeper, slim girl’

Gold layered haram is significant to Indian women for ages which is truly amazing and graceful for wedding occasions and festive vibes.  Every Indian jewellery worn by women has ethics and values attached to it. This layered chain necklace with pendant gives you the satisfaction of good quality at an affordable range which never pinch your pocket. Buy online a perfect layered chain necklace with circular gold pendant now to give you traditional Indian attires a eye-catching jewellery, shop now and grab this one in a million gold haram only @Abiraame Jewellers

            We come with simple and classic unique pieces just to fulfill every woman's dream. Every piece is designed with fine and pure texture and perfect finish. The gorgeous latest design layered pendant chain will give your jewellery collection a traditional and fashionable twist to add more beauty on your heavy sarees. With a good quality and affordable price range choose from a wide variety of haram and gold necklace designs from Abiraame Jewellers.

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