Leilani means ‘heavenly flower’

            Beads are always magical in jewellery making.  They give every wearer the right effect at the right places.  There are a few cultures which treat wearing black beads as wading away negative energy.  The stringing of gold and black beads in this gold haram is done in such a way that the round shape is not obviously shown but rather the links of the chain are only visible.  This enhances the total look of this latest design black bead haram and the flowery pendant adds up to the appearance.

            The history of handcrafted beaded jewellery is interesting as it is a known fact that it began around 70,000 years ago.  The first jewellery of mankind was made with stones and beads only.  Whether you wear black bead necklace or haram for value, beauty, status symbol, mangalsutra (tradition of wearing black beads gold chain on the day of marriage) or as a reason to get positive energy, this simple black beads gold chain necklace does the job easily from Abiraame Jewellers.

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