Maanushi means ‘kind woman, goddess Lakshmi’

            Rev up your wedding look with this flaunting Lakshmi coin necklace that has a gorgeous Lakshmi pendant adding more glitz to the bride.  This gorgeous necklace captivates the attention of the on-lookers wherever you wear it and adds a touch of majesty and awesomeness to your persona which can never be attained with those small pendant chains or fancy necklaces.  Wedding gold necklace design must not only be the favorite of the bride but also her parents and especially those grannies. 

This is the right pick and nobody will deny the fact that the bride needs to look like goddess Lakshmi on her dream wedding day.  The groom’s family will be ready to welcome their home’s Mahalakshmi with the best collection of beautiful jewels.  Check out our website for more dulhan sets, modern bridal jewellery set or simple bridal gold necklaces too.  Enjoy your purchase of wedding jewellery from Abiraame Jewellers.  We have a wide range of bridal necklace designs that you would have never seen elsewhere before.

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