Malayayarasi means ‘hill queen’

            A netted peacock earrings in gold where the net itself appears like its feathers and a beautiful pearl gold dangling below making the earring more emphasized on your ears can be ordered online here at Abiraame Jewellers, Singapore.  Giving a funky and contemporary look this peacock jhumka earrings gold will make you look like the gorgeous women of your era but still opted for peacock model earrings among your friends.

            Join our peacock revolution and make your plumage of desires spread out by picking the right peacock jewelry from us.  Show your pride and beauty yet in a subtle way with only simple peacock design jewellery that you select.  A high-end jewellery designer's inspiration from nature has caught your attention with these simple peacock earrings.  Buy online and wear!  Enjoy every moment wearing it!

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