Malini means ‘fragrant, jasmine, gardener, another name for goddess Durga’

            A very new variant of mugappu chain in which the side pendant is not made with stones but with 22k gold in balls and small pipe like design.  Buy new gold chain designs at reasonable prices for weddings from Abiraame Jewellers.  Thali chain is a must wear accessory for any married woman, but those old designs are always boring.  Hence you can choose from new model gold thali chain designs from us here in the website and order online itself for prompt and safe delivery of jewels.

            It’s truly a vibrant, creative and stylish design of thali chain design that even today’s women will like the most.  Light weight fancy chain models are always fascinating among women but thali chains cannot be so.  Only a new model thali chain design is possible to be worn when it is a traditional accessory. 

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